Gereformeerde Blues Band

Formed around lead singer and songwriter Ralf Rabie (aka Johannes Kerkorrel) in 1988. Johannes Kerkorrel (vocals), Willem Moller (guitar), Gary Herselman (also known as Piet Pers, bass) and Jannie Hanepoot Van Tonder (drums).

Released the singles “Ry/Hillbrow” in 1988 and the single “Ossewa”/”Liefde” and the album Eet Kreef in 1989.

Were one of the main attractions of the Voelvry tour (along with Koos Kombuis). Broke up when Johannes Kerkorrel decide to pursue a solo career without them.

Koos Kombuis

Started out as an Afrikaner writer under the name of Andre Le Toit. He decided to become a singer songwriter in order to reach a wider audience. His first album, Ver Van Die Ou Kalahari, was released as Andre Le Toit.

He changed his stage name to Koos Kombuis under which name he has released all subsequent albums: Niemandsland & Beyond (1989), Elke Boemelaar Se Droom (1994), Blameer Dit Op Apartheid (1997), Madiba Bay (1997), Mona Lisa (1999), Equilibrium (2002), ‘n Jaar In Die Son (with Valiant Swart, 2003), Bloedrivier (2008), Koos Kombuis (2009), Dertien (2012), Lente In Die Boland (2013) and Langpad Na Lekkersing (2016).

He was also a pivotal member of the Voelvry tour and appears on the Shifty Records Voelvry and Voelvry tour compilation albums.

Photograph of Koos Kombuis courtesy of Harold Gess Photography.
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