Finch & Henson

Brian Finch and Kenny Henson were both successful solo artists who first performed together in 1975 in the short-lived band Collinson McBrian along with Colin Pratley and Ramsay MacKay. The band broke up but in 1977 and Finch and Henson formed as a duo.

They released the single “Free and Easy” and the album Playgrounds In Paradise in 1977 and went on to release several more singles and two more albums, High Octane (1978) and At Home In The Dark (1980). T

hey continued to perform together over the years until Kenny Henson’s death in 2007.

Ramsay MacKay

Born in Scotland and came to South Africa as a young child. From 1966 to 1969 he was a member of Freedom’s Children.

Throughout the 1970s he was actively involved in making music, both with former Freedom’s Children band members Colin Pratley and Paul Clingman and solo work. In 1978 he released the single “Silent Water’ and in 1980 “Strange Light”.

In 1982 he released the album Suburbs of Ur.

He died in Scotland in December 2018.