What Colours

Formed in Johannesburg in 1982, morphing out of Empty Set. Megan Frost (guitar), Richard Frost (drums, synthesisers), Susan Arbor (vocals), Paul Goodwin (sax), Gary Rathbone (guitar), Steve Howells (drums). Seventh member Zeev Takatshov worked on putting together visuals for
their performances.

The band had three central tenets to their performances: no solos, no songs longer than three minutes and thirdly, everyone had to contribute across the board during performances, hence the swapping of instruments. They believed that their music and stage performance should be a collective effort.

They released the album Urban Camouflage on cassette in 1983, after which Jimmy Florence joined on keyboards. Shortly after that Gary Rathbone went to the UK to avoid the army but ran out of money. When he returned a few months later Jimmy Florence and Steve Howells had gone on to form The Dynamics. Megan Frost, Richard Frost and Gary Rathbone went on to form Urban Camouflage which subsequently became The Spectres.

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