A West Nkosi produced group with Munich Sibiya (lead vocal), Marks Mbuthuma (guitar, vocals), Simon Falatsi (guitar, vocals), John Mothopeng (Acoustic piano, vocals) and Felani Spades (Linn Synthesiser).

Released the single “Toitoi” in 1981 and the album Modiehi in 1982.

Noise Khanyile

Grew up in Kwazulu-Natal and began to learn the guitar in the late 1950s. In the early 1960s he started performing as a session musician and performing in shabeens.

He also learnt to play the violin. Over the next thirty years he played on sessions with a wide variety of musicians including the Boyoyo Boys, West Nkosi, Robart Bopape and the Mohatella Queens.

In 1986 he recorded the Grooving Jive No. 1 EP (with Shifty Records) as a member of the Jo’burg City Stars.

In 1989 he recorded his first solo album with Shifty Records, The Art of Noise.