Formed in London in the mid-1980s by South African musicians in exile together with London musicians: South African Russell Herman (guitar, flute, berimbau, vocals), South African Frank Williams (saxophone, vocals), Tim Atkins (drums, percussion), Adrian Reid (keyboards, vocals) and Peter Trottman (bass, vocals).

They released the album Going Home in 1985 and the EP “State of Emergency”/ “Situnia – A Flower” in 1986.

For the EP South African Tony Cedras (keyboards, trumpet, vocals) replaced Adrian Reid. Tony Cedras had previously been a member of Estudio, Mahogany and Pacific Express. Russell Herman was also a member of District Six.


Mr Mac And The Genuines

After releasing the album Goema in 1986, The Genuines joined up with Mac Mackenzie’s father Samuel “Mr Mac” Mackenzie to release the single “Won’t Discuss It”/“Desperately” and the album Mr Mac & The Genuines in 1987.

The album was a one-off project. The group was Samuel Mackenzie (vocals, banjo), Hilton Schilder (keyboards, vocals), Mac Mackenzie (bass, vocals), Gerard O’Brien (guitar) and Ian Herman (drums).

The album also featured Robbie Jansen on alto sax and Tony Cedras on trumpet.