People Like Us

Hi-NRG/Euro disc group formed in 1986 in Johannesburg by producers Paul Crossley and Terry Owen. Cindy Dickinson left Syndicate to join the group on vocals.

They released the single “Reincarnation (Coming Back For Love)” in 1985. Their 1986 single “Deliverance” became a big success in Europe. This gave rise to the Deliverance album released in 1987 along with follow-up singles “Restless Lovers”, “Midnight Lovers”, “Hiroshima” and “Fighting For Our Lives”.

Cindy Dickinson left the group because she was being financially exploited. She was replaced by Angie Gold.

Paul Crossley died in August 1989.

A subsequent compilation CD People Like Us was released in 1988, including new songs with Angie Gold as vocalist in addition to mostly previously released songs sung by Cindy Dickinson.