Johannesburg band who were originally known as Lincoln. Changed name to Bite in 1980 when their line-up was Shaun Potts (lead vocals, guitar), Kevin Mason (guitar, vocals), Gawksy Madiera (bass), Gus Thompson (keyboards) and Ian Webster (drums). Sandy Robbie (guitar) joined in 1981 and Deon Mattheus replaced Gawksy Madiera on bass.

They released four singles in 1980 and 1981, with “Loud Radio” receiving airplay in 1981.


A women-only band with Cindi Alter on vocals, Glenda Hyam on keyboards and vocals, Lee Tomlinson on bass and vocals, Jenny Garson on guitar and vocals and Ingi Herbst on drums.

Clout arrived on the South African scene with the single “Substitute” in
1977. The single was very successful in various European countries and in New Zealand. This was followed by further chart success in South Africa and abroad.

Tours to Europe followed. Changing membership ended the women’s-only status of the band in 1978 when Glenda Hyam departed and Sandy Robbie (guitar) and Bones Brettell (keyboards) joined.  In 1980 Gary van Zyl replaced Lee Tomlinson on bass.

Clout broke up in 1981.


Little Sister

Formed in the late 1980s with Debbie Lonman (vocals, bass), Jenni Lonman (vocals), Sandy Robbie (guitar), Marc Bentel (keyboards) and Johnny Burnett (drums).

They released their first album Ready And Willing in 1990 and followed that with More Than Meets The Eye in 1991.

They release two further albums in the 1990s.