Die Lemme

Not officially a group but the name which Gary Herselman gave to the loose affiliation of musicians who contributed to his 2014 solo album, Rigtingbevok.

Contributing artists included Albert Frost, Arno Carstens, Chris Letcher, Paul Riekert, Syd Kitchen, Rian Malan, Warrick Sony, Lloyd Ross, Toast Coetzer, Jannie van Tonder, Willem Moller, Francois van Coke, Valiant Swart, Frank Opperman, Max Mikula, Richard Haslop, Robin Auld, Tonia Selley, Kathy Raven, Sannie Fox, Dave Davies and Jonathan Handley.

Robin Auld

Singer songwriter who was born in Zambia and moved to Cape Town as a child. He was a member of the Lancaster Band in 1979 before joining Steve Walsh’s Root Rhythms.

He released a solo album, At the Corner, in 1983, then formed the band Z-Astaire (Auld on guitar and vocals, Michael Bush on drums, Murray Anderson on keyboards and Robert Hack on bass). They released two albums before Auld went solo again, with his biggest commercial success, Ocean Motion in 1985. It include the singles ‘Baby You’ve Been Good To Me’, ‘All Of Woman’ and ‘After The Fire’.

Auld has continued to release albums on a regular basis and continues to perform in South Africa and abroad.