Dread Warriors

Reggae band formed in Johannesburg in 1982. Pete Spong (lead guitar) Punka Khosa (drums, vocals), Dennis Hlangwane (bass), Dumi Hlangwane (guitar and keyboard), Risenga Makondo (percussion) performed on their debut album Dread Warriors in 1983.

They recorded a second set of songs with Shifty Records in 1986, later released as The Shifty Sessions.


Formed in Johannesburg in 1983 by Simba Morri (acoustic guitar and occasional vocals), John Trafford (saxophone), Derek Walter (bass) and Punka Khosa (drums).

Their song ‘Pambere’ was included on the Shifty Records Forces Favourites compilation album (1985). The group performed with various drummers during their existence. They performed at venues where mixed audiences were allowed or tolerated, especially Jamesons, UDF and ECC gigs and at private jols.

The group broke up in 1986 and Simba Morri went on to record a solo album with Shifty Records. An ep including four of their songs was released on the Shifty Bandcamp site in 2014.