Brenda And The Big Dudes

Johannesburg group who began as the backing band for Blondie And Papa but became a band in their own right in 1983 when Brenda Fassie joined as their leading vocalist.

The rest of the band were: Rufus Klaas (guitar), David Mabaso (bass), Desmond Malotana (keyboards), Dumisane Ngubeni (keyboards) and Job Mlangeni (drums).

Released the highly successful Weekend Special EP and single in 1983. Thereafter released the albums Let’s Stick Together (1984), Higher and Higher (1985) and No! No! Senor (1986). In 1987 when Brenda Fassie left the group to go solo they continued as The Big Dudes, releasing three further albums: Pulling Very Hard (1987), No Share For The Boys (1988) and S’good S’nice (1989).

Brenda Fassie

Cape Town born singer who began her music career at 16 when she moved to Johannesburg and joined Joy as temporary member.

She went on to become the lead singer for Brenda and the Big Dudes until 1987 when she went solo with the release of her debut single “Mr.
No Good” and solo album Brenda.

She went on to become one of South Africa’s top selling singers, releasing albums such as Too Late For Mama (1989) and Black President (1990).

She died in May 2004.

Photograph of Brenda Fassie courtesy of Harold Gess Photography.
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