The Helicopters

Formed in Vereeniging in 1981 with Bernard Binns (guitar, vocals), Pete Koen (guitar), Bert Askes (bass) and Maciek Schejbal (drums). In 1985 Peter Koen left and in 1986 Nik Matzukis replaced Maciek Schejbal on drums and Alistair Broadhead replaced Bert Askes on bass. Paul Hughes (guitar, vocals) also joined in 1986.

There were other comings and goings during the band’s existence, although it is not clear to us exactly when these took place. The band’s debut single was “Flying High” released in 1981 but it was with “Mysteries And Jealousies“ in 1984 that they rose to prominence in South Africa.

They released several more singles until 1987 and an EP, What Affair, in 1988 after which they broke up. They also released two albums: Love Attack (1985) and In The Flesh (1987).