Nude Red

Johannesburg-based band formed in 1979, originally known as The Other Band. The band was: Dax Butler (sometimes vocals, keyboards, sax), Mick Hope-Bailey (vocals, guitars), Larry Jenkinson (vocals, bass) and Gavin ‘Mojo’ Stevens (drums, vocals).

As The Other Band they released four singles which were ignored by radio.

After a residency stint in Swaziland and Cape Town returned to Johannesburg in 1982 and changed their name to Nude Red. Recorded the album Dischords ‘N’ Dat Chords which the record company refused to release because of some of the lyrics (but now available on Bandcamp).

They contributed the track “Too Much Resistance” to the Shifty Records and End Conscription Campaign anti-conscription compilation album, Forces Favourites (1985).

They broke up in 1986. Gavin Stevens went on to join Mango Groove. Dax Butler went on to pursue a solo career.

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