Johnny Clegg

Singer songwriter who was born in England, grew up in Zimbabwe and South Africa. He became fascinated with Zulu music, dance and other aspects of Zulu culture and struck up a partnership with Sipho Mchunu.

The two performed as the duo ‘Johnny and Sipho’ in the 1970s before forming the band Juluka in 1979. During this time Clegg studied Anthropology and completed his Masters degree, and embarked on a parallel career as an academic. When it was clear that he could make a living from music he resigned from academia and focused full time on music.

After Juluka broke up in 1985 Johnny Clegg released a solo album Third World Child with a more electronic and international sound than his music with Juluka. The single ‘Third World Child’ received widespread airplay in South Africa.

In 1986 he formed the band Savuka which Clegg dissolved in 1993.

He then reignited his solo career while also reforming Juluka with Sipho Mchunu for one album and occasional live performances. Between 2002 and 2017 he released four solo albums.

In 2019 he died of pancreatic cancer.

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