Formed in 1980 as a rock band and released their debut album Burnout in 1981.

Original line-up was PJ Powers (vocals), Alistair Coakley (guitar), George van Dyk (bass and vocals), Geoff Sedgwick (keyboards, vocals), Pat van Rensburg (drums). In 1982 Larry Rose replaced van Rensburg on drums and Bones Brettell replaced Sedgwick on keyboards.

They became extremely popular amongst black South Africans when the band crossed-over to a township-pop/rock sound with albums like Music for Africa (1983), Jabulani (1984) and Wozani (1985).

The band even managed to play in Europe and the United States but the Cultural boycott prevented them from releasing music there. There were a couple more line-up changes in 1987 but then the band broke up in 1987.

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