The Dynamics

Johannesburg band formed in 1983 with Vernon Matzoupolos (tenor sax), Winston Nyaunda (alto sax), Harvey Roberts (tenor sax), Themba Sehoete (bass), Jimmy Florence (keyboards) and Steve Howells (drums).

Released the EP Switch It On And Wind it Up and the single “Thugs” in 1984.

Thereafter they travelled to England to make a go of it there but after a year they broke up mainly because from the outset Winston Nyaunda had not been allowed into the UK.

The band reformed in 1992 with some of the original members. Released the album Organic! in 1996.

Winston’s Jive Mix Up

After The Dynamics broke up in 1986 Winston Nyaunda (alto sax) formed Winston’s Jive Mix-Up with Adam Reinecke (guitar), Sipho Shange (keyboards), Reggie Mfega (bass), Jannie van Tonder (trombone), former Dynamics band member Steve Howells (drums) and Mellissa James (violin).

They were a popular live band at venues like Jamesons in Johannesburg. In 1989 they recorded a self-titled album with Shifty Records.

It was only released on cassette but has since been made available digitally. Former Dynamics band member Harvey Roberts made a guest appearance on tenor saxophone on two of the tracks, “Wait awhile” and “107”.