Cape Town band formed in 1982. John Mair (guitar), Ayala Katz (vocals), Dieter Stutz (bass, keyboards) and Lesley Cook (drums). Recorded a promo Partners in Crime in 1982. Soon after Katz left to pursue a solo career.

She was replaced by Wendy Oldfield. The new line up released a further demo Catch That Sweaty Feeling in 1984 and then the singles “This Boy” and “Shape of Her Body” in 1985 and “Tonite” in 1987 and the album No Sweat in 1986.

In 1987 Oldfield left the group to embark on a solo career.

The band continued for a while but did not release any further music. John Mair died in November 2002.

Photograph of Sweatband courtesy of Harold Gess Photography.
All Rights Reserved.

Wendy Oldfield

Singer songwriter who started out with Sweatband in 1983. She went solo in 1987, releasing the single “Real World’ and followed that up with “Dancing in the Forest” in 1988.

Her first album was Beautiful World released in 1991, including the single “Acid Rain”.

Since then she has released several singles and albums and performed regularly throughout South Africa.

Photograph of Wendy Oldfield courtesy of Harold Gess Photography.
All Rights Reserved.