Lancaster Band

Formed in Cape Town in 1979. The line-up of the band for their 1981 album, Comic Strip Heroes was Simon Cotton (vocals), Robin Lancaster (rhythm guitar, vocals), Garth Hichens (lead guitar), Simon Walker (lead guitar), Howard Butcher (bass guitar), Harry Lancaster (drums).

The band also featured Robin Auld (guitar), Brian Davidson (Vocals), Cheryl Gunning (Keyboards), Lloyd Martin (drims), and Charl Vorster (percussion), at various points.

Although not releasing any new music  for the next two decades the band continued to perform from time to time. After a long layoff the group reconvened to record the Eden Sessions EP in 2006, with Robin Lancaster, Howard Butcher, Harry Lancaster, Garth Hichens with Gary Munroe (sax and flute) and Brett Lancaster (keyboard, vocals) joining.