Gary Herselman

Gary Herselman is best known for his band The Kêrels, but prior to forming The Kêrels he began his career in the music industry by forming various bands while at school before getting a long-standing job at Hillbrow Records in 1980 and during that time playing in the band Hard Lines (contemporaries of The Asylum Kids) and then The Kêrels.

Musically, from 1989 until the late 1990s, Gary was involved in other projects, such as being a member of Johannes Kerkorrel’s Gerefomeerde Blues Band for the Eet Kreef (1989) album and on the Voëlvry tour, playing on the Koos Kombuis Niemandsland (1989) album and on the Radio Rats Big Beat (1990) album and also playing with the Radio Rats around the same time. In the mid-1990s he formed his own record company, Tic Tic Bang, recording some South African music and distributing both their own and other independent artists as well as licensing overseas music.

He worked with the likes of Matthew van der Want, Jo Edwards and Sue Charlton in recording music in the late 90s/early 2000s period. After the demise of The Kêrels and Tic Tic Bang, Gary working with other musicians, including co-producing (with Matthew van der Want) the tribute to Koos Kombuis Kombuis Musiek (2002) compilation album and periodically putting out his own music, including Die Lemme’s Rigtingbefok (2014) album in which he collaborated with several South African musicians and House For Sale (2018).

Van der Want/Letcher

A duo formed in Johannesburg in 1997. Matthew van der Want and Chris Letcher were both part of the ’90s Shifty Records stable: Van der Want as a solo artist and Letcher as a member of Urban Creep. Van der Want was an occasional support act for the Urban Creep and the latter appeared on van der Want’s debut album.

After Urban Creep broke up Van der Want/Letcher released the EP EP Tombi in 1997, followed by three albums: Low Riding (1998), Bignity (2002) and Casual Killing (2005). Van der Want/Letcher is a side project with both members of the duo also releasing solo work, and mostly coming together for live performances.

Vusi Mahlasela

Mamelodi singer-songwriter guitarist who came to the attention of Shifty Records in the early 1990s and who went on to enjoy a national and international career.

He has released several studio albums: When You Come Back (1992), Wisdom Of Forgiveness (1994), Silang Mabele (1997), Miyela Afrika (2000), Jungle of Questions (2002), Guiding Star (2006) and Say Africa (2010).

He has also released live albums including Live At The Bassline (2006) with Louis Mhlanga and collaborations with Swedish backing band Jive Connection.