Formed in Johannesburg in 1974 with Derrick Drain on vocals, Mick Matthews on guitar and vocals, Attie van Wyk on keyboards, Fergie Ferguson on bass and vocals and Cedric Samson on drums.

The band regularly changed members, with Shane Mahoney replacing Samson on drums, Paul de Villiers (guitar and vocals) replaced Drain who later rejoined, Ralph Martin (guitar) replaced Matthews, Franco del Mei replaced Mahoney.

Drain left again in 1982 along with van Wyk. Stewart Irving joined as vocalist in 1982.

Ballyhoo released several singles and albums in the 1970s and early 1980s. These releases met with varied success and their most successful single was “Man on the moon”, released in 1980.

They didn’t record any new studio songs or albums after the mid-1980s.


Formed in Johannesburg in 1986. Ian Vyle (drums, lead vocals), Alan Lazar (keyboards), Ralph Martin (guitar), Chris Frank (acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, vocals), Craig Parsons (keyboards, vocals), Kevin Kruger (drums). This line-up recorded the album Cinema, released in 1986.

Jarrod Aston joined as lead vocalist for their 2nd album Somewhere in Time released in 1988. It included their biggest hit single “My Kind of Girl” and a second single “Inside and Out”.

They went on to release three further albums over the next eight years, and went through various line-up changes with Alan Lazar, Ian Vyle, Chris Frank leaving the band.