An all woman band formed in Johannesburg in 1981 with Sue Charlton (drums), Yvonne Raff (guitar, vocals), Linda Dawson (lead guitar, vocals) and Muff Shapiro (bass, vocals).

Linda Dawson wrote their first single “If that’s what you want” and it was recorded with Jonathan Handley’s Wradium Records in 1981 and a distribution deal was done with Benji Mudie at WEA who released it in 1982.

It featured on SABC’s Pop Shop video programme , was nominated as John Berk’s “Pick of the week” on Radio702 in 1981 and went on to chart on Capital Radio.

Although the song was released as an Insisters song Dawson arranged it, sang and played all the instruments apart from the drums which were played by Sue Charlton.

In 1982 Tammy Isaacson replaced Muff Shapiro on bass and Colleen Briel joined as keyboard player. They recorded a follow-up single “Bluebeat” in 1983 but split-up soon after that.

Sue Charlton went on to release a solo single “I’m amazed” with WEA in 1984.

Linda Dawson committed suicide in 1993. Jonathan Handley wrote the Radio Rats’ “The day is connected to the night” as a very fitting tribute to her.

John Ireland

Real name John Griffith. Born in Ireland, but moved to South Africa as a child.

Met Jonathan Handley at Wits Medical school and they formed Slither.

Concerned that the South African Medical and Dental Council would strike them off the roll if they became famous they both changed their names! So they became Jon Roxi and John Ireland.

John Ireland pursued a solo career and Slither went on to become the Radio Rats.

John Ireland’s first single was a rendition of “Greensleeves” with words called “You’re living inside my head” which was released in 1978 along with the album Thinking Aloud (1978).

He went on to release several more singles including “I like” (1982) which received widespread radio play in South Africa. He released five more albums: Revelation (1980), John Ireland (1982), She Speaks To Me (1983), Just Desserts (1986) and Lonely Man (2004).

Radio Rats

Formed in Springs in 1977. Jonathan Handley (guitar, vocals), Dave Davies (lead vocals), Herbie Parkin (bass) and Niall Bell (drums).

Were signed by Jo’burg Records and released the album Into the Night We Slide and the single “ZX Dan” in 1978. “ZX Dan” was one of the top songs of the year on SABC’s Radio 5.

The band has continued to perform and record intermittently over the years with many changes in their line-up (especially drummers) but with the consistent front duo of Jonathan Handley and Dave Davies.

Titus Groan

Short-lived band formed in 1985 as an off-shoot of the Radio Rats: Jonathan Handley (guitar, vocals), Dave Davies (vocals), David Allen (bass), Peter Peyerl (Drums).

Released the single “Padded Rooms” and other songs including “Agony”.