Die Lemme

Not officially a group but the name which Gary Herselman gave to the loose affiliation of musicians who contributed to his 2014 solo album, Rigtingbevok.

Contributing artists included Albert Frost, Arno Carstens, Chris Letcher, Paul Riekert, Syd Kitchen, Rian Malan, Warrick Sony, Lloyd Ross, Toast Coetzer, Jannie van Tonder, Willem Moller, Francois van Coke, Valiant Swart, Frank Opperman, Max Mikula, Richard Haslop, Robin Auld, Tonia Selley, Kathy Raven, Sannie Fox, Dave Davies and Jonathan Handley.

The Dolly Rockers

Formed in the 90’s, The Dollyrockers’ sound stretched from the post-punk Of ‘Ziggy Played Bizarre to the dark pop of ‘Lovesong’ and ‘Suicide Annie’.

The core of the band consisted of Greg Donnelly (Vocals & Guitar), Pitchie Rommelaere (Guitar), Anthony Bull (Bass) and Arnold Vermaak (Drums).

In their existence, the band released 3 full length albums ‘The Dollyrockers’ (1995), ‘Glory Glory’ (2002)and ‘The Heat’ (2004) as well as the vinyl e.p. ‘Consume Me’ (1992).

Their songs have been used in soundtracks for movies such as ‘Once Upon A Roadtrip’ and ‘Twist’. The band also penned the theme song for TV series, ‘Couch Trip’ and ‘Sleepy Town’ was used in the TV series, ‘Going Nowhere Slowly’. Lovesong’ off their final album was listed on the 1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf.

After their successful reunion shows in 2017 they were approached by One F Music to release a double cd retrospective called ‘Dive – A Collection’. CD1 consisted of studio material and CD2 consisted of live material from various shows and included the hard-to-find ‘Live At The Playground’ recordings which were only ever previously released on cassette. These recordings are a real snapshot into the world of the Cape Town live music scene of the Nineties. These recordings were remastered by Paul Riekert. The band also released a limited edition 7” vinyl consisting of ‘Suicide Annie’ and ‘Lovesong’.