Johannesburg based group formed in 1985 with Cecil Mitchell (lead vocals), Mark Kahn (guitar), Les Goode (bass), Johan Laas and Pete McClea (keyboards), Neil McKellar (drums), Terry Hunt (drums). Additional vocals: Lionel Peterson, Mark Kahn and Suzy Bunce. Bones Delight (vocals) joined in 1989.

They released the singles “What Are We Going To Do About Love” and a cover of the Led Zeppelin song “Whole lotta love” in 1986.

City Limits

A Johannesburg band formed in 1979 with Rick Wolf on keyboards and vocals, Joe Alves on guitar, Chris Ghelakis on bass, John Weddepohl on vocals and keyboards and Neil McKellar on drums.

The band released an album (City Limits) in 1980 and three singles which met with fair success in South Africa, including on Capital Radio.

They broke up without recording a further album.