Johannesburg band formed in 1995:

Initially started by Adam Lomas (lead vocals, guitar) and Nathan Waywell (bass, vocals) who began as a duo. Marc Bentel (guitar, vocals) and Tim Trotter (drums, vocals) joined to complete the full band.

They began by releasing several EPs: Pickled (1996), BOB The Remixes (1997), Upside Downside (1998) and Matchbox (1998). Meanwhile they released three albums: Wearing Thin (1997), Revolving Doors (1999) and 12 Songs (2000).

They broke up in 2000 and Lomas and Bentel went on to form Starskii.

In 2020 Amersham reformed and released three singles over a few months: “Happy Face”, “Cute As A Button” and “Dilemma”.

Little Sister

Formed in the late 1980s with Debbie Lonman (vocals, bass), Jenni Lonman (vocals), Sandy Robbie (guitar), Marc Bentel (keyboards) and Johnny Burnett (drums).

They released their first album Ready And Willing in 1990 and followed that with More Than Meets The Eye in 1991.

They release two further albums in the 1990s.