Die Lemme

Not officially a group but the name which Gary Herselman gave to the loose affiliation of musicians who contributed to his 2014 solo album, Rigtingbevok.

Contributing artists included Albert Frost, Arno Carstens, Chris Letcher, Paul Riekert, Syd Kitchen, Rian Malan, Warrick Sony, Lloyd Ross, Toast Coetzer, Jannie van Tonder, Willem Moller, Francois van Coke, Valiant Swart, Frank Opperman, Max Mikula, Richard Haslop, Robin Auld, Tonia Selley, Kathy Raven, Sannie Fox, Dave Davies and Jonathan Handley.

Happy Ships

Cape Town-based band who formed in 1980: Wayne Rath (drums, guitar, vocals), Phillip Nangle (agricultural implements, vocals, chants), Lloyd Ross (guitar, bass, voice, studio), Hamish Davidson (sax, voice, implements), Warrick Sony (bass, drums, voice, trombone) and Jono Partridge (pockets – which involved rhythmically shaking loose change in one of his trouser pockets).

They only ever did three live performances but did release the album Sound Future in 1984.

Tighthead Fourie & The Loose Forwards

Tighthead Fourie was Roger Lucey under another (country) guise.

Formed in Johannesburg in 1984: Tighthead Fourie/Roger Lucey (guitar, vocals), Ray Stadig/Johnny Blundell (guitar), Gene Parkering/Brian Rath (drums), Lorenzo Marks/Dave Marks (bass), Ben Zeen/Warrick Sony (bass), Sakkie de Kock/Lloyd Ross (bass), Tennessee Ferreira/Will Von Will (vocals) and Slim Gedagte/Peter Davidson (vocals). (Different bass players were used on various songs).

Released the single “Whiskey Strait Up”/”No Easy Walk to Freedom in 1984”. Other songs were recorded but not released.