City Limits

A Johannesburg band formed in 1979 with Rick Wolf on keyboards and vocals, Joe Alves on guitar, Chris Ghelakis on bass, John Weddepohl on vocals and keyboards and Neil McKellar on drums.

The band released an album (City Limits) in 1980 and three singles which met with fair success in South Africa, including on Capital Radio.

They broke up without recording a further album.


Formed in Johannesburg in 1983. Cindy Dickinson (vocals), Joe Alves (guitar), Chris Ghelakis (bass), Peps Cotumaccio (keyboards), Jorge Bastos (drums). Released the single ‘Don’t Go Into Town’ in 1985. They also released the 12” single ‘Summer’s Ending’ (year unknown).

In 1985 Joe Alves and Cindy Dickinson left the band (the latter to join People Like Us). The band continued, adding Ronnie Joyce (vocals), George Vardos (guitar, vocals), Bridget and Beverly Alexander (vocals) and Marvin Moses (keyboards).