Reggae band who released their first album, Sensation, in 1981.

Their line-up was Clive Goodwill (vocals), Kevin Kruger (drums), Jethro Butow (guitar), Kim Kallie (vocals), Richard Thompson (guitar), Nippy Cripwell (bass), Mike Makhamele (sax) and Star Mabosa (vocals).

Their first single “Good night out” charted on Capital Radio and their second single “Medley 1/Medley 2” comprising mostly Bob Marley covers received airplay but did not reach the Top 40.

They went on to record a second album, Kariba II, in 1982, after which they broke up.


Formed in Johannesburg in 1980 with Joe B Arthur (vocals, guitar), Jethro Butow (lead guitar, vocals), Les Goode (bass), Mike Faure (sax), John Galanakis (organ, vocals), Cedric Samson (drums, vocals). Faure left in 1980 and Galanakis.

In 1981 Tim Hoare (keyboards) replaced Galankis and Kendall Kaye joined as drummer at which point Samson switched to lead vocals.

They recorded a self-titled album in 1981 and had marginal success with the single “Bowtie Boogaloo”.

The follow-up single “Don’t leave me halfway” did not do as well. The group’s existence was short-lived and they broke up in 1981.