Angie Peach

Real name Angie Hazimarcu. After Peach broke up she went solo, releasing the song “The spell” in 1982. It met with limited success on South African radio.

She contributed vocals to Via Afrika’s song ‘Caprivi Strip” (1984). She also did some collaborative work with Robbie Robb in a band called Angie and the Affections and appeared on SABC performing a song called “Do you”.

In 1984 they released a single “That boy” which failed to make an impression. She released the song “I come undone’ on the 4 for Africa EP in 1985 (along with Tribe After Tribe, Via Afrika and Ella Mental).

In the mid-1980s she left South Africa, hoping to work on solo album in Australia. However, her planned album did not get off the ground but she carried on performing with others. She became the backing vocalist for Savage Garden.

Ella Mental

Formed in Johannesburg in 1983 out of the Tim Parr Band. Tim Parr (guitar, vocals), Heather Mac (vocals), Adrian Levi (bass), Herman Eugster (drums).

They released the album Uncomplicated Dream in 1984 and rose to prominence with 3 singles which received widespread radio play in South Africa: “Pressure” (1984), “See Yourself (Clowns) (1984) and “30 Million Lonely People” (1985).

In 1986 the group moved to Ireland in the hope of making it internationally but within six months Adrian Levi and Herman Eugster had left. Irish musicians were brought in and the album Ella Mental was recorded and released in the USA in 1989. 1989 also saw the release of three singles from the album. However their releases were not met with much success and the band broke up shortly after.