Soweto-based musician Sello Twala began his music career as percussionist for Umoja in 1983. He went on to join Harari in 1984 and in 1985 he recorded his first solo single, “We Can Dance” followed by the single “Move Over” and the album I Need Money in 1986.

Further albums included We Miss You Manelow (1987), Soldier (1989), Soldier With a Gun (1989), Thina Sizwe Esimnyama (1989) and Papa Stop The War (1990).

He went on to release several more albums over the next decade and half and made a name for himself as a producer, producing albums for the likes of Brenda Fassie and Chimora.


Soweto-based duo, Marc and Alex Rantselli, who began as part of the group August Formation in the mid-1980s and were backing vocalists for Chicco.

They made a big impact on the South African music scene with the release of their single “Quick, quick” in 1989.

They initially released three albums: Marcalex (1988), Boys B Boys (1990) and Yeah (1991). A subsequent album Ai Ai Ai (Stolen My Heart) was released in 2008.