Corporal Punishment

Formed in Springs in 1980. James Phillips (guitar, vocals), Carl Raubenheimer (bass, vocals), Herbie Parkin (rhythm guitar), Mark Bennet (keyboard, vocals) and Chris Hattingh (drums). Hattingh was replaced on drums by Henry Jantzen.

Recorded two songs for the WEA Records Six of the Best (1979) compilation: “Victim’s Victim” and “Goddess of Depression”. Released the 7 inch EP “Fridays and Saturdays” in 1980, including four songs: “In The Night”, “Brain Damage”, “Johnny’s Conscience” and “Rock And Rolls Royce”.

The band broke up but James Phillips, Carl Raubenheimer and Steve Howells (drums) reformed the band in 1982 to record new versions of original Corporal Punishment songs in the Shifty Records studios. These recordings together with original Corporal Punishment recordings were released on cassette along with the James Phillips and Carl Raubenheimer project, Illegal Gathering, in 1986.

Illegal Gathering

Formed in Cape Town in 1981 by Carl Raubenheimer (guitar, vocals) and James Phillips (guitar, vocals) with (initially) Brett Murray (bass) and Brian Rath (drums). After an initial attempt at getting things going Murray and Rath left and were replaced with David Ledbetter (bass, guitar, vocals) and Wayne Raath (drums) when the band reconstituted later in 1981.

In early 1982 they recorded a few songs, some of which ended up on marginal compilations (for example, “Emphasis Shift” and “Buttons Your Lip” on the 1983 Regional Jive cassette compilation and “”Johnny Cool” on the 1984 Out Of The Blue compilation LP).

Shake Baby

Cape Town band formed in the mid-1980s as Teenage Botha And The Blacks but re-emerged as Shake Baby in 1987.

Karl Helgard (guitar, vocals, synths), Liz Brokenheart (keyboards, vocals), Rupert Rau (bass, vocals), Karin Martin (vocals), Benny Profane (drums), Tessa Gawith (vocals) and Vernon Metropolis (sax and vocals).

Released two songs (“Falling In Love” and “Crescendo Diminuendo”) on the In From The Cold (1988) compilation released by Principle Records.