Cape Town

Band formed in Cape Town in 1987 for the musical Cape Town: David Kramer (vocals), Taliep Petersen (vocals, banjo), Issie Ariefdien (guitar, bass, vocals), Paul Petersen (vocals, guitar, bass), Onyx Phillips (keyboards), Monty Webber (drums, percussion), Madeegha Anders (vocals).

Released the album Cape Town in 1988. Original songs composed by David Kramer and Taliep Petersen. All original lyrics written by David Kramer. Saxophone on the album was performed by Basil Coetzee, Robbie Jansen and Victor Kula.


Cape Town-based jazz group formed by Basil Coetzee in 1985: Basil Coetzee (tenor sax), Paul Abrahams (bass), Robbie Jansen (Alto and soprano sax), Jack Momple (drums), Michael Martin (piano), Vic Higgins (percussion), Titch Jean-Pierre (guitar) and James Kirby (guitar).

They released the album Basil ‘Mannenberg’ Coetzee’s Sabenza in 1987. During this time Sabenza toured South Africa and overseas.

In 1990 a follow-up album, Monwabisi, was released, although released under Basil Coetzee’s name, he still performed with Sabenza. For Monwabisi the line-up was Basil Coetzee (tenor sax), Paul Abrahams (bass), Jack Momple (drums), Monty Weber (drums and percussion), James Kirby (guitar) and various musicians appeared on keyboards: Tony Schilder, David Bravo, Paula Goldstone and Murray Anderson.